SYNVIO MEDTECH CONSULTING puts medical technology companies, producers of medical devices or their suppliers on the multinational track to success. Reliable and order-compliant. We deal intensively with the market possibilities of the products and the technologies of our clients, develop concrete marketing strategies and support and guide the management in the implementation. From market entry, to sales start, or by finding the right distributors and even up to the German company or subsidiary foundation.

We focus mainly on start-ups or on small companies that want to expand into Germany and other selected markets in Europe. And vice versa we help European companies to grow abroad.

With years of domestic and international experience in the medical product and medical device industry and a focus on this growth industry, SYNVIO MEDTECH CONSULTING has an established network of partners and potential customers, is well versed in this industry and has access where needed open to decision-makers and users.

SYNVIO MEDTECH CONSULTING is a consulting firm focused on the medical technology, medical product, life science, rehabilitation and home-care industries. Consulting services are charged for project fees or lump-sum arrangements.